Friday, August 16, 2019

an update to how "sundance" turned out

Our back deck that we affectionately nicknamed "Sundance" during the building process since it sure started looking more lodge-like than the simple-modern we were going for in the designing process.  But this is what we ended up with and we LOVE it.
I'm not sure the last time I talked about how we managed to transform it on this blog.  I know I talked about it back HERE, and again HERE, but maybe there was a time after that?  I don't know.  But we managed to get here with the ceiling:
We cut out the extra beams that went up diagonally here so that it had a more simple look:

...and we got busy with stucco paint colors:

...and picking stone for the pillars:
I didn't want this to look "cave-like" and dark, so we were trying to brighten it up any way we could get it.
Thought about this look, but it didn't feel quite right...

So we decided on a white wash on all that orange-ish wood:

...and figured out a stain for the outer rough hewn beams:

Painted the stucco:

Tried a bunch of different colors and paint strengths for that wood:
First try:

Second try:

This was the winner for up there:

Here it is kind of cleaned up:

Fireplace going in:

Flooring going in:

 Lots of painstaking decisions went into each part of this that I will refrain from boring you with...
 All coming together:

...only to have to be torn apart again to get water to where we wanted the plants:

But that's ok, because look how it turned out:

We've enjoyed that thing so much, and used it for so many events.

Here it is with a little furniture added:

 There we go:

Love that something like a "Sundance mistake" can turn out to be something we love so much.
Isn't that how so much of life is if we stand back and really examine it?


  1. I love how the space is used for so many friends and family to enjoy. You didn’t just build a house or built memories. Very blessed.

  2. Shawni i triedbur reg blog n dont have access.Id love to continue reading ur a church member id love to be accepted.Thank you xxx Cheyenne

    1. Oh no! I'm so sorry I'm just barely seeing this! People have had problems getting into the new blog if they have old bookmarks. Try typing in just plain old with no other text and that should work. Let me know if it doesn't!

  3. What Cheyenne said. I'm subscribed through Feedly and it shows the "2 Important Things..." and "Impossible" (and I just realized why the song from Cinderella is stuck in my head now) but I can't access them. :'(

    1. I think my brother fixed the feedly thing, please let me know if it's still not working.

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