Saturday, August 16, 2014


I’ve enjoyed your blog for a long while now (my girls, too!) and have enjoyed your home blog lately, too. My husband and I are building a home—the plans are about done and now what i have ahead of me is picking out flooring, lighting, finishes, trim, fixtures, etc. etc. I think I have a full-time job ahead of me. I had a thought to ask if you had any suggestions for how to do it without going crazy. Do you have a suggestion for how to organize everything or did you keep a notebook and go for it? I was hoping there’d be a person who did if for a job who could help me. ha! I noticed you always had a ton of samples especially for the flooring…are stores pretty good about giving you samples to take?

Hi Erin!  I'm so sorry I'm so slow with emails!  I'm excited for you to build your home.  It is a tough job and I really would recommend anyone you can get to help you with the decisions.  I wish I had that and have totally tried but I'm way too particular!  It's a curse!  Luckily I have some amazingly talented friends who have talked me through a lot when I come to a road block.

Anyway, yes, stores will have way too many samples for you to take and try out.  It's a lot of research.  I use for just about everything.  So many good ideas in there.  At first I had a big three-ring binder I used page protectors in to keep track of ideas which was fine, but then I would forget it when I was talking to a contractor or whatever, so then I realized what a life saver it is to just put things in "folders" on Houzz with your phone app...then you always have it with you and can explain things left and right.  Pinterest is good with that too, but I don't like that it doesn't give resources or any extra information so I haven't used it a whole ton.  

Good luck and try to get some help!  A designer you trust would be worth his/her weight in gold and would save you money in the long run because you probably wouldn't make as many mistakes as I have!  It would be so great to have someone who could give you three or four good options to choose from and you wouldn't go as crazy as I have with so many decisions stretched out before me!  Now that we're almost done it's certainly all worth it.  Can't wait to move in!

I'd love to know if you've found any great barstools. I've been on the hunt for I swear a YEAR. Just wondered what you've found that you like... we have a mid-century ranch style home, and I just love your taste!! :) Thanks!! 

Ours are from Crate and Barrel.

Will you provide a list of colors/materials you went with eventually? Someday? :) Mainly interested in: kitchen countertop material, grey paint color and the debate on doing grey kitchen cupboards. I love them, I am just torn if they will look dated in a few years? We are building too and that is what I am leaning towards doing, just on the fence about it!! 

Oh gosh, this is easier said than done, but I will try to include as much as I can when I do the final posts.  For now, our gray interior paint is "Shady" by Dunn Edwards, all of our white is "Whisper" by Dunn Edwards.  Our kitchen countertops are white quartz, and I'm really happy with the gray cabinets in the kitchen.  From what I understand, gray gets scuffed up a little more easily, we will see!

Just curious...what do you have planned for those lockers that need electricity? (back HERE) My thoughts were phone chargers...but would love to know why you have them wired for power... :) (oh, and I LOVE walnut too! :) 

Thank you, love how the walnut turned out!  Those plugs are for phones...or whatever other electronics might need to be charged out of sight.