Saturday, June 21, 2014

April progress

Wow I'm getting behind here.  I'm going to try to get back on track.

April was the best month yet in the progress of this home of ours.

It's the month we took the plunge and moved in, ready or not.

This is how it looked when we moved in:

Living room:
Back side:
Remember how much trouble we had with those beams?  (back HERE).  How we love them now.  So weird how things change.

Laundry room:
 (Those pulls are all from IKEA.)

Family room:

Master bathroom:
 Remember all the trouble that wall caused back HERE?

One of my very favorite parts of this house are the closets.  Here's Max's: 
We did drawers in every closet so we don't have any dressers.  Keeps down on the clutter so well I adore it.

Max's (future guest) bath:
 Let's just take a closer look at that hardware I agonized over.
Love how it turned out.

Elle's bedroom:
(all about her wall back HERE)

Elle's bathroom:
My cabinet guy made me that wood frame from walnut.  Love it so much.

Grace and Claire's room:

A few lighting issues in the bathrooms:
 (more on those later)

Game room with a section of the sectional missing:

That was how it looked.

Then we started to move in.

The kids thought the washers and dryers were from a different planet they were so in awe of having two of them.
(One of the best things we did...LOVE having two.  All but Lucy do their own laundry so it helps a ton.)

We put switches with lights over our beds for reading at night.  Love that.

Move-in stuff:

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out window coverings.

As I write this it's almost three months later and we still have no window coverings aside from the paper temporary ones in the bathrooms.

Makes for some good early mornings :)

I worked on hardware like nobody's business...especially since we really needed to open drawers!

I will try to do a whole post about what we picked at some point because I'd like to remember myself!

We put our new grill to a LOT of good use.  
 Love that thing.

It was fun to put the kitchen to good use for our first Easter basket hunt here:

...and we have loved utilizing the great light from all the windows.

 It has been interesting to live in a home with continual contractors as guests.

All. the. time.

And as much as we adore this new home of ours, it's sure had some hic-ups along the way.

More on that later.  For now I'll just say we are so incredibly grateful for this home of ours.


  1. Oh it is so stunning wishing you and your family a lifetime of happiness and health in your new home.

  2. so beautiful! i really cannot wait to see the rest of the journey with the house. you are so kind, to update a blog through this journey, it know it's probably a lot of handwork and effort on your part, but it's oh so fun to really see what goes on a little bit more with house choices!

  3. does lucy have a room? can we see all the rooms once you finish and decorate?
    so pretty good work.

  4. Where is Elle's bed frame from?!

  5. Your house is BEAUTIFUL, love seeing the progress and your choices. But, um, all of your kids do their own laundry except Lucy??? Now THAT is exceptional!

  6. Your home is just lovely! I LOVE all the natural light! Such a dream! I hope it's full of lots of happiness for you and your family!

  7. You did an amazing job Shawni, here are my fav parts of your new home.. I LOVE the laudry room, I love the floor, the cabinets, everything, I LOVE your ceiling in the family room, and I LOVE the mouldings in the girls room!! Where did youg et the girls beds from? love them!! I too can't wait to see when you get your décor up and everything.. ps.. your kitchen is so clean and neat and BIG!

  8. I love your home. It is beautiful. It's been fun to watch it come together. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Thanks for taking me on this journey with you. So much inspiration! My fav's are the fireplace in the family room and all the transoms throughout the house! Sooo fun to see the vision that has been in your head come to life!

  10. Absolutely beautiful. Love the mix of Arizona-desert-cool elements with classic and timeless details.

  11. I can't even pick favorite things, bc I truly love it ALL. The laundry room floor actually might be my fave design choice, so cool!! Would you mind sharing the source of your master bed? I love the shape!!! Everything is so light, airy, crisp and clean! Great job!!

  12. I love seeing your home in progress! We just broke ground for the home we are building and so nice to see all your ideas and brilliant choices, especially for a large family (we have 6 kids). Your home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us all!

  13. Your home is beautiful! Do you have a laundry schedule set up for your kids? Also, how do you clean your grill? Thanks for sharing your home with us!

  14. Oh I love all the crisp clean lines and the modern feel! I cannot wait to see more!

  15. Hi, I am actually commenting about your Daughter of God week. I would like for you to send me extra I go about the letters given out for the week. Thank you so much. My email is

  16. Beautiful! Where did you get your closets?

  17. Where is Grace and Claire's bed frames from?

  18. I'd love to see a whole house video tour once you've (mostly) finished decorating!

  19. Wow! It's beautiful! Lovely photos!

  20. Still hoping you'll share the source of your bed! I'm holding out for you. :) I know you have a zillion questions, all the time!!! :)

  21. Hi
    Will you be updating this blog? Thanks for any information.

  22. Shawni, your house is so gorgeous! Can you post a more recent update? Love your style. I'm about to embark on a big renovation of an apartment that my husband and I are buying in NYC. Totally drawing inspiration here! I want everything to be clean lines and whites, greys, and natural rough hewn wood.

  23. if you have second please do an updated house tour soon!

  24. Oh how I would love an update, our home Reno has been inspired by you and in need of more inspiration!!!

  25. I hope you will be updating at least one more time! I know you are super busy, but if you have a moment, I know we'd all love some current pictures of all the rooms and the yard!!

  26. Oh my goodness, one more time my comment posting keeps erasing, so again sorry if you've seen this a million times. But we love your home and are wondering what color your wood floor is and the gray paint color/number you used. We are building and would love similar colors.

  27. I would love to see updated pictures of your home. I know you are never really done styling a home because it evolves as you do, but the snippets I see on your family blog make me want to see more.

  28. So much inspiration! My fav's are the fireplace in the family room and all the transoms throughout the house! Sooo fun to see the vision that has been in your head come to life! custom closets toronto

  29. So much inspiration! My fav's are the fireplace in the family room and all the transoms throughout the house! Sooo fun to see the vision that has been in your head come to life! custom closets toronto

  30. I super hope someday you find time to come back here and update pics and details of more of your finished home. LOVE how everything came out in these pics and in the background of your family blog.

  31. would absolutely love to see an update and a floor plan to better envision the layout! gorgeous home - love it!

  32. Hi! I love your house! I'm wondering if by chance you could tell me where you got your bar stools? Did you get them at Crate and Barrel? I'm trying to find those and C&B is the only place so far I've fount that has something close to yours :) Thanks!!! Brittany

  33. I was wondering if you knew the name of the tile in your master bathroom floor?

  34. You should do an update/house tour!

  35. Random question.. Do you still love your wood floors? Have they survived your kids? I'm really thinking of putting them in my house.

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