Friday, April 11, 2014

wallpaper and the story of Elle's wall

I always love personalization in a home.  And I think the walls are the perfect place to do that.  (See this post back HERE on walls and their importance...and HERE's what we did to start on the "bones" of our walls in our new house.)

I'm always looking for ways to make things meaningful.  So when we were in Thailand and I fell in love with this wall:

Isn't that cool?

Here it is closer up:

I showed it to Elle and we decided we wanted to try to replicate that in her room in our new house.

I asked around to try to figure out how in the world to make that vision into a reality.  

I know I could have figured it out if I kept at it for long enough, but the more people I asked the more it started feeling more and more difficult. 

One friend suggested I look into wallpaper, and that maybe I could find something similar that would be easier.

I had been inspired by some Pinterest things and a model home with wallpaper. 

I wanted to add a little bit to add a little funkiness to some other places as well in this otherwise white and gray home of ours.  

I found some cool wallpaper at Serena and and fell in love with it, but it was too darn expensive.

But one day, when I happened to get an email that there was a sale I jumped right on it.  

And from there we somehow ended up with this in Elle's room:
Yeah.  Not quite the same dealio as that beautiful wall in Thailand.  But we did get that funky factor.  I think it's gonna look pretty cool when we finally get it done.

We added a little touch of funky in the pantry too:

I am still wanting to add a little bit in the laundry room.  Especially since you can see that wall from the transom window in the kitchen.  I think this would be so cool:
(sorry, it's a picture of a picture)

That's actually just painted on the wall...kind of cool.  


  1. I've seen that idea before and it was done with silver thumbtacks.

    Amazing results with this technique that is easily reversed.

  3. Shawni, I LOVE wallpaper ( it's the English in me), but I love it, would have it in every room.. my husband might move out but I would love it hahaha. it is so darn expensive and I have no idea why... and when I looked into having someone hang it, they said it would be $1000 per wall... did you hand it yourselves? In England it's sooo cheap to have it done.. gggrrr... well tell Elle I love it!

  4. Your home is coming together beautifully! I love love love these updates. I'm sure you've thought of this already, but i used a stencil for an awesome effect. The process was only mildly horrific. Like a quick labor and delivery. Awesome and not so awesome all at once...

    anyways, my favorites are from here.

    Hope everything is coming together and exceeding all of your expectations. It looks amazing from here:)!

  5. Check out and for some great wallpaper designs to get that little but of funky in the other rooms you're thinking of. They have some fun stuff (but you have to look at the right collections on Thibaut- if you want suggestions on the best books they have, respond to this comment).

  6. Natalie (above) was right on. This stencil looks like a great fit for your original Thai inspiration, even though it's Indian-inspired.

  7. brooke- thank you for the info on the wallpaper sources! Can i reply here too to get your suggestions on the best books:)? I would LOVE to hear them...

  8. So, my very favorites are: Avalon, Chelsea, Enchantment, Filigree, Gemoetric, Graphic Resource, Jubilee, Monterey, Natural Resource, Resort, and Texture Resource Books 3 & 4. Not that you can't find a good pattern or two in the other books but the above are the "go-to" resources for a fresh take on wallpaper.

  9. Thank you so much, Brooke! I will check those out!

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