Saturday, April 26, 2014

master bathroom wall

We have made some progress in the master bathroom.

The vanity wall looked like this forever:

My friend and I went over option after option...from tiling that wall to planking the whole thing kind of similar to this:
(Just that wall part over on the right above).

And this one's super hard to see (these are pictures of pictures), but see how there is some trim horizontal and vertical on that wall below:

I drew a bunch of drawings like this:
But when it came down to it, the sinks were off from the windows above (intentionally) which made it tough to figure out how to add trim and the kind of mirrors we wanted to do.

So finally we decided to do that darn wall similar to the one we did in the family room (over HERE) and add horizontal planking.

First we had to adjust these wires where the lights would go AGAIN.

Honestly, that wall has been through a lot I tell you!
Yeah, I think we thoroughly confused the electricians.  I confused myself for crying out loud!

But once we got it figured out for once and for all, our trim guy, good old Wes, got busy with the mdf boards.

Here they are painted up all pretty:

We put these lights in just to pass inspection:

...until we finally got the real-deal ones in:

And here it is with the mirrors installed:
...and handles finally put on...about a week after we moved in.

Phew that was a lot of work but I sure love how it turned out.


  1. Looks awesome! Can you share where the mirrors are from?

  2. I'm loving everything I'm seeing in your house reveal. I love the thought and intention that has gone into all of it. I hope you're getting settled and loving life in your new space.

  3. can you tell me how wide each plank is? I'm try to gauge what 12" planks look like. I'd love your help!