Monday, April 28, 2014

February progress

We did a LOT in February.

We finally got the upper base installed in the living room.
Backsplash installed in pantry:
Random scraped up wood repaired:

Bathroom wall finally figured out and painted (for more on that process click HERE).

Figured out how to place mirrors in the Jack & Jill:

These electrical outlets caused me grief trying to figure out mirror placement, but it's funny how once I finally made the decision I never thought about it again.

Here it is with mirrors and frames installed...with two of the three lights:
Love this bathroom.
Got ready to finally have a driveway:

...and then got it poured.

Got my "cleaning ladies" going over there a few times...

Got exciting.

Our cabinets were a little mis-sized for them so we had to re-do a little woodwork.

Got stone on these back pillars of "Sundance."

We went to a lighting factory that can make lights for our exterior since we couldn't find anything that would work.
Ours will be similar to these but without those thingies across so much of it.

Got the backsplash done.  Love how it turned out.

Finally got some of the cabinet doors on that they had been working on.

Got this drinking fountain the wrong place...just leaving it.  It's been soooooo well-used.  

Max's bathroom still needed a few doors...

Tried to figure out handles.
Boy howdy that threw me for a loop.

Moved this floating cabinet over to center it more (we were a little off on our measurements).

Finally got the back panel put on the waterfall counter (HERE).

Got the cabinets put on our fireplace wall:
See them camouflaged in there?

Got carpet installed.

Worked more on these cabinets.

Our game room went from this: this:

Had some deliberation on how to install the back-lit powder mirror.

Max's bathroom

Shower door installed in Max's bath.
And our shower too.

Got the paneling in on the fridge.
Ready for locker doors in the mudroom.


I need a nap:)