Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It's weird when you are in love with a doorknob.
But that's just sometimes what happens when you search and search and find something that speaks to you.

I know.  It's a doorknob.

But I feel like doorknobs are a pretty darn great way to make a statement in a house.

It makes you fall extra deep in love with them when your friend helps you find them for a third of what you could find (Homestead Hardware rocks).

And so does Christina.  (part of the "pretty committee").


  1. that's funny! We recently finished our own homebuilding project and these are our doorknobs too. Our home is more of a traditional with modern elements added in - but those doorknobs are perfect and we love them. Your project is so beautiful and I appreciate all the meaning you have 'built in' to the project. We had done a few similar things and watching things you did like writing scriptures on the support beams made me wish I was behind you instead of ahead of you to have gathered a few other ideas! Way to go making the whole project part of a family experience!

  2. I have those doorknobs! Love, love, love them!

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