Monday, March 31, 2014

January progress

There was a bulldozer in our back yard most of January.
I'm going to have to do a whole post about that at some point because boy howdy a lot has happened out there.  For now let's stay inside.

Our fireplace wall got painted:

Here it is closer:

They came to make sure the fireplace functions and fixed it up a little bit.
I loved when they came to add the quartz front:

It's a "leather" finish matte quartz.

Further away:
I am liking how it's turning out.  More about how it looks now over HERE.

The Jack & Jill bath got some drawers:

Our master bathroom got painted three times...from white to gray back to white again.
Poor painters.

We did some work on our master bathroom vanity wall which had looked like this forever:

And I was SOOO happy to finally figure it out after tons of sketches trying to figure it out like this:
 (More on that later.)

Not sure how much happened in the bedroom foyer but it looked like this:
Those bookshelves over there in the back have taken FOREVER to put together.

Here's the view from there back into the kitchen:

We had a few Family Home Evenings over in that place.  It's funny to watch how mesmerized and amazed they are by the newness of it all.

Getting ready for the driveway to be poured:

Our friends came to help us try to figure out the initial design for furniture on the inside.
 (Brian is a totally amazing designer in SLC and happens to be my sis-in-law's brother-in-law.)

I tried to figure out lighting for hours and hours and hours.

And in the meantime I drooled over things like these:

Here are all my lighting books with my favorite possibilities tagged with post-it notes:

They got going on back splashes which were kind of fun to do:

They installed the stone outside which took FOREVER to get even and perfect:

We added some wallpaper but I have another post on that coming with more detail.
 Trying to add a little funkiness here and there.

 We deliberated on the finish under the cover for our front door.
 ...another thing that has taken months and months to figure out.

They got going on the side deck:

Doorknobs got installed and I love them (info. about them HERE).

As with every other decision, I deliberated over and over and over about carpet choices:

...against every other flooring they would be up against.

I was so happy when that decision was under my belt!

So, just like our November, December dreams of moving into that place, our January dream ended so close but yet so far away!

But we did make at least some progress!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It's weird when you are in love with a doorknob.
But that's just sometimes what happens when you search and search and find something that speaks to you.

I know.  It's a doorknob.

But I feel like doorknobs are a pretty darn great way to make a statement in a house.

It makes you fall extra deep in love with them when your friend helps you find them for a third of what you could find (Homestead Hardware rocks).

And so does Christina.  (part of the "pretty committee").