Thursday, February 27, 2014

December progress according to my iPhone

Oh man, loooooottttsss happened in December.  

Our kitchen went from looking like this:
and this:
To this:

Our laundry room went from this:

To this:
(Love my flooring guy :)
To this:

Our master bath wall was a little tricky.  We did glass tile and to figure out the openings we had to decide if we wanted smaller rectangles or bigger squares.  This was my method to figure it out:

I picked the rectangles:
Here's the progress:

Soooo exciting to see it come together.

Now if we can just get a faucet for that tub to come in (it's back ordered):

Powder bath funky-ish tile with the walnut floating vanity:

Max's shower is my fav.
(It's 4x16 HL-pumice from Arizona Tile.)

I like his floor too which is 2-inch hex tiles.  (This will eventually be our guest room bathroom.)

We did the hex in the pool bathroom too.  They put the wrong grout in at first (white...which I love but know there's no way I can keep it up).  So they chipped it all out and put in the darker grout.

The jack and jill bath went through a few changes.  

It was tough to figure out how to get these faucets to reach the sink!
We ended up having to put an extension on them that after much worry I think will end up looking great.

This is the back splash I came up with to go with the tub surround tile:

And here's the process as it went in:

Here's the finished (but un-cleaned) herringbone wood-tile in the front room:

We cut up the gray tile and had them lay it herringbone in the mudroom too:

Right before they put in the wood I realized we didn't have a plug for the lamp I want to put on a table between the two couches in there.  It was a big fiasco to get power in there but we had it done just in the nick of time before the flooring went in.

I already talked about my wood-choosing saga back here, but in the end I chose the Provenza Fossil Stone and I adore it.  

Some of the fans got installed.  
It's amazing how a fan can make things feel so much more finished off.

And it's also amazing how one of the contractors crawling through the attic for one thing or another and falling right through can make it feel so un-finished speedy quick:
That was scary business...he fell right next to the guy laying the tile in there...soooo glad no one got hurt.
And so sad we had to fix yet another drywall patch.

The book shelf made a teeny bit of progress:

(I love how those transem windows bring light in that bedroom foyer.)

We got most of our plumbing fixtures in.

SOOOOO exciting to get running water!

Agonizing decision over which color wallpaper to do in the pantry.

Trying to decide between these two combos:
Ended up choosing the navy...with blue backsplash in there...can't wait to post pics. soon.

Measured out where the girls' beds will go:
They have been ready to be delivered for two months now but I keep putting them off because we don't have carpet yet!

Fire place wall got trimmed out.

This is now all painted white...more pictures soon along with the story of this whole wall business.

One last fiasco for the month:  They started painting our gray paint I was SO sure about on all the walls (more about that back HERE).  I even had the painter paint an entire wall to be sure waaaayyy back when I was trying to figure it out.  Yes, I loved it.  

But when it started going up for reals after all the drywall and much of the flooring was in, Dave saw it he asked why in the world it was getting painted tan.  

And sure enough, it looked completely tan.  

So we scrambled to figure out another great gray to no avail.  Two different grays you can't even tell the difference between:
The painter had already bought all the paint so he went ahead and kept painting. 

Guess what?  We love it.  It's totally gray (especially now that the floors are in), but a warmer gray.  

Oh boy, yes, lots happened in December.  And January too...hopefully I'll get to that soon!


  1. It's really happening! Things are starting to look so amazing, and I am just thrilled for you!

  2. Warm gray is my absolute favorite paint color right now! I think you scored! Love watching this process.

  3. I love these posts!! It is so fun to see everything come together! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. I love seeing the progress it's so fun. I have to say you made me laugh with the guy falling through the attic, it's not funny he fell and I'm so glad everyone was ok, it was just your wording...haha.
    (p.s. I'm glad you chose the navy for your pantry I like that one)

  5. Love your ideas - thank you for sharing. Where did you find the wallpaper for the pantry?
    Thank you

  6. Shawni it looks SO good! Isn't it exciting to show up one day and see a big difference in a space? All your finish choices are beautiful, so classy.

  7. Looks lovely, can't wait to see more pictures! What is the name of the gray you ended up with? I am picking paint colors and would love any advice. Thanks:)!

  8. Looks amazing. Will you provide a list of colors/materials you went with eventually? Someday? :) Mainly interested in: kitchen countertop material, grey paint color and the debate on doing grey kitchen cupboards. I love them, I am just torn if they will look dated in a few years? We are building too and that is what I am leaning towards doing, just on the fence about it!!

  9. It's a long story how I stumbled across your blog... I just wanted to take a second to thank you. I've been not decorating my "new" home for about 6 years. There are a lot of reasons why, but I think one of the main ones was that I didn't have the time to search the internet for ideas, or even curtains, that I like. I think I was/am also scared of spending all this money and then not being happy with the result. And so, I've been sitting in this house that doesn't yet feel like home for too long. Your blogs are beginning to change all this. We have a VERY similar sense of style, and I have gotten so many ideas from looking at your pictures. You've also mentioned many other furniture/décor stores that are so to my taste. Basically, your blog has made the idea of jumping in a creating a home feel much less daunting. My sincerest thank you. Your home is beautiful and inspiring.

  10. Like some of the others, I'm curious to know what gray you ended up with. I'd love to have it as a reference! Thank you!

  11. Hey guys, we used "Shady" by Dunn Edwards on our walls. We used "silhouette" by Sherwin Williams on our kitchen island. I debated on the painting the cabinets deal too, but what I've discovered is that you just need to do what you love. If you're picking things just because you'll like them in five or ten years you won't get what you love right now. My friend's advice that I've taken to heart is to keep things neutral and then add color with the accessories. Crossing my fingers it will all come together!!

  12. Shawni I am really digging your style! I am addicted to the chevron tile floor in your laundry room, it's almost hypnotizing! It looks like one side of the pattern is slightly longer than the other side, is that right? I'm wondering what size tile you went with, can you provide the name and source for the tile? It looks like 9'x24" tile that was cut into the correct shape, but I'd rather not guess. Thanks!