Tuesday, January 28, 2014

our laundry room floor

When I saw the floor my friend put in a salon I fell in love:

So I asked if I could copy her idea in our laundry room.

She graciously said yes.

It took a while to really figure it all out, but man oh man, it just might be my favorite floor in our house.
This is before grout...I'll post a real pic. soon, but just had to share.

Friday, January 17, 2014

running water

On December 16th, 2013 we got running water.
 I'm just saying, that is exciting.

Very exciting.

Some day we will be living here and I'll be filling up pots in this sink.

Some day.

Until then, there's "still a lot of chicken on that bone" as Dave would say. :)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

November progress (according to my iPhone)

These are not in any fancy order, just want to remember what is going on around here!

During the month of November these things slid around in the back of my car all. month. long.
I think I may have mentioned that in the "October progress" as well, but really, it was both months.

Every day.

I sure lugged those things around everywhere.  SOOOO grateful they are now in a stack in my garage and I don't have to deliberate over them any more, because that part is done.


And here is a picture of the deliberation over that darn bathroom flooring:
When I first saw that floor I was in shock.  It was SO much darker than I anticipated.  I had picked it from one tile that was golden.

I was sure they had put in the wrong floor so I ran home to get my sample tile to see if it matched up.

I put it in every position to be sure it didn't match.

But it kinda did.

And from there I loaded up my car with MORE tile to see if there was something I liked better.
The next couple weeks the bathroom looked like this:

...and then I ended up just telling them to finish with what they started with.

And I LOVE it.

See how weird I am?

I'm crazy.

Here are some pictures of how that tub/shower progressed through the month:

I found this awesome blue tile to mix in with the plain white from Daltile.
I love Ann Sacks stuff.  It's a little more pricey, but when you just use a little it gives it just the right amount of pizazz.

This is just Daltile gloss white subway tile with Ann Sacks trim cut and turned sideways.
I love how it turned out.

Here's the progress on Elle's shower:

They cut out the drywall and put this stuff in:

...and got the wall all mudded.

Here's the flooring (penny tile):

 I need to post a "done" picture because I love this bathroom.

Elle's bedroom while they worked on the bathroom:

For desert standards it was SO cold in November.  I couldn't believe a couple months before I was dying of the heat talking to contractors over there and then suddenly standing with layers of coats with teeth chattering.
(Wimpy, I know.)

Because of the remodel and all the walls that were moved, we had a lot of cement to grind down to make the floors even and ready for flooring to be put in.

They brought in these huge machines and worked for a full day trying to even things out.

They left with half our floor in bags.  Ha.  That stuff was heavy.

Even though I had made my hard-wood flooring decision (that bathroom is just ceramic that looks like wood and holds up much better with water), I still checked out the options.  
Seriously I am weird.

It's good that our new floor is in now and I adore it.  So happy with my choice.

I know people will ask why do real wood in a kitchen with all that water.  The reason is that I spend a LOT of time standing in the kitchen.  I have to have something softer and warmer for my feet.  Tile is to cold and hard for me.  I've grown up with wood in the kitchen and I love it.

We put up this trim in the bathroom that will lead out to the pool so that we can hang hooks along it for pool towels.

We decided to do herringbone floor in the front room.
Again, it's ceramic tile that looks like wood which just hearing about it I may think it would be a little cheesy but it totally works and I love it!...I'll post a finished pic. when it's all cleaned up nice some day.

Master bathroom progress:
They cut the same tile as we are using on the floor into 4 inch squares to use in the shower.

They had to rip it out at one point and re-do it to get the drainage correct.

Going with our simple, clean-line look I picked 12x24 white tile for the shower.

They cut it in smaller pieces for the ceiling.

 Can't wait to show grouted pics...

They finished the trim on our fireplace wall.
That is all white now.  Much more on that later.

...along with the saga of getting the cement bench in front of it right...I'll tell more about that later.

They installed the glass garage door in the game room.
I have a feeling we're gonna be in love with that thing.

They put light switches in!
And they turned on the lights for the first time.
It's funny how little things like that can give you so much joy!

Started on the built-in bookcase.
(which they are still in the process of re-doing because it was supposed to have adjustable shelving and it didn't...)

I had to bring my world globe over to be sure it would work :)

We realized you'll be able to see our pantry loud and clear from the kitchen so we'll have to close in some of the cabinets in there (cereal boxes and canned goods aren't my favorite things to decorate with).  I found this idea at IKEA which I loved for that back pantry wall.

....and we marked it all out.

Now this is exciting:

They finished the "waterfall counter."

My heart was bursting with excitement on seeing that thing get done.

It's kind of amazing to work so hard on little details like this and to see them come together at last.

They had to work later to try to finish...loved Dave's help with lighting from his phone.

Grout decisions:

Tough decisions that kept me up at night.  FOR GROUT!  How dumb is that?

During one humongous November rainstorm (the one where Dave fell off the roof trying to cover the chimney back HERE), we had a flood.
The bottom of that garage door wasn't tight and all that water came in.

Unfortunately all our painted baseboards were sitting right there where the water settled.
Most were ruined.

Sad day.

But the good part was that all of these cars parked on our street signified people working hard at the house.
I adore the rain.

But it wrecked a little havoc on the house.
(and Dave's back too!)

That makes for a LOT of mud tracked into the house I tell you!

We finally got the lights we ordered for the Jack and Jill bathroom, but one looked like this:
...yeah, a little shipping damage.  Luckily it's two months later and we STILL haven't installed those babies (dang) but we had time to get a new one shipped.

Max's shower:
It's my favorite shower.  Again, completed pic.soon...
This is the floor we chose for that bathroom.

More grout deliberation...

...and outside stone deliberation.

Little by little it's coming together.

And I like looking at it like this which reminds me that things have actually been accomplished!

So much more going on now...I'll share soon.