Saturday, December 7, 2013

September progress

I know September was a looooooonnnnnnnggg time ago, but I'm going to try to keep track of what happened each month for my sanity :)

Here's September:

They did some stucco.

Dave spray painted the inside of all the ducts black so they aren't as noticeable.  He looked like this when I found him:
I love a little comic relief! :)

The girls' room got primed for paint (more about that back HERE).

They finished drywalling around the fireplace...except that the left side ended up way higher than the right!
So they cut it all apart and wow, it was a lot of work and a lot of time which means a lot of money to fix that thing.  Darn trusses!

We agonized over paint color:
 But then finally chose one (Hallelujah!!)
More on paint back HERE.

We figured out a bunch of trim (again, more in the "trim" post).

It poured rain.  Which meant TONS of mud traipsing through that house.

We had our "Beam Fiasco" (back HERE).
But after all that those things have turned out to be one of our favorite parts of the house.

We had some big worry about our two different "Whisper Whites" not matching.
 ...which ended up being a false alarm.

Sometimes I am so darn picky about things and they just end up being just fine.

My cabinet guy told me one day he thinks I may have a heart attack.

I think he was right!

More ceiling-fix work:

Trying to figure out how to match the underside of this so we can mimic that above our front door:

They taped off the windows...

...and painted them black.  
Looked like a bad mascara job (and still does) but they're going to look awesome when we're done.

We finished designing mudroom lockers:

 We had to figure out our "facia" color.  Here were our main options:

This sweet guy climbed up on the roof to help us out.

Grace was pretty helpful too...

Ideas to make "Sundance" work:

 The cool house I randomly knocked on the door of to ask some questions about:
 ...which happened to be owned by my fellow "BOM" blogger Reachel ...and falling in love with her cool bathroom (and lots of other things in her cool house).

I have about 562 pictures like this on my phone because September was crunch time to figure out bathroom finishes.

 Oh boy, gives me anxiety to look at these pictures.  I'm SOOOO happy we have this all figured out now!

Late-evening cleaning with my girl Grace:

Finally, finishing off the roof:

...and the soffits:

 I love how these turned out:

We did a metal roof on "Sundance."

More trying to figure out our front awning.
And there you go, future self, a lot was accomplished in September!


  1. ooohh I just fell in love with one of those bathroom tiles.. now I want to re do my new bathroom ahahahhaha
    It's looking great!!!!

  2. Most likely you already have this on your of my favorite features of our back hall lockers is that each locker has it's own outlet plug (for phones, iPads, iPods etc.) We have them at the back of each lockers shelf. LOVE it. We use them everyday.

  3. LOVE the black trim around the windows. Looks great!

    Also, that gray tile that looks like a streamlined arabesque (the Walker Zanger?)- I have that in white as my kitchen backsplash. I love it!

  4. I LOVE your style! Where did you look for tile. I love some of the ones you posted, but can't seem to find anything that cool around here (mesa/east valley). We have done some remodeling and just can't figure out what to put on our fireplace. Thanks!

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