Saturday, December 7, 2013

countertops and a "waterfall" counter detail

Oh boy, picking countertops seems like it took forever and a day.

At first I was sure we needed to go with this look (like my cousin-in-law's that I love):

It is granite, which to me means easy-peasy to take care of, but looks like marble, which I love but don't want to put up with the maintenance of or worry about with kids and teenagers possibly wrecking havoc on it.

Here it is a little closer:
Soooo pretty, right?  It's called "super white" and I looked high and low for that stuff.  Never could find it.  

But in the meantime I found quartz.

And I fell in love with that too.
(That's my friend Stacy's house and it's so beautiful.  She's one on the "pretty committee" helping me out.)

And since it was so plentiful to look at in every direction we ended up going that way.  

Quartz is super easy maintenance (you can put anything hot on it, cut on it, etc.) just like granite but it is manufactured.  And you don't have to go looking for the perfect slabs.  It is made by several different companies:  Caesar Stone, Silestone, Q Stone, Radianz, etc.  

At first we decided to do similar to what Stacy did (up above) and put white quartz on the islands (which are gray) and gray quartz on the perimeter countertops where there are white cabinets.

This was what I picked from the very beginning:
 I loved having a little detail in it for movement.

 I thought about this gray one for a minute:

But it looked greenish in my house.

I liked the simplicity of this one too.

Another option to look more contemporary (which sometimes looks 70's if you ask me).

In the end, after much deliberation we decided to make choices for long term...something we wouldn't get sick of, so we cut the Blanco Maple (with all the dots) and went with "Snow White" which still has movement, but won't look like we have crumbs on our countertops all the time.  Here were the two options I put up on my cabinets at home and thought about for days:

We also decided to do the whole kitchen white to keep it more uniform.

We decided at the beginning we wanted to do a "waterfall" countertop to break up the two center island look:

But we didn't want to do both islands like that, and one would look weird, so we decided to break it modeled after this kitchen:
 (with totally different style and colors...just the countertop design idea)

I found two awesome countertop people and ended up going with Custom Stone Works because man alive, this Chrissy I worked with was so helpful and was in-my-head about what I was going for.   She "got" it.  Here's the diagram she worked up to help get that thing built.

 Here's the "pony wall" we had to build to make that thing:
 ...from a few different angles

 And this was the happy day when they came to template.

They just take these measurement wood things back to the shop and cut the quartz to the right size.

Even just having the plywood on there helped make this home more homey.  Kind of exciting.

Here are the nicest guys ever working on the waterfall counter.
But just imagine them smiling all sparkly because that's what they did.  I don't know why they decided they needed to be all serious for the picture :)

Waterfall coming together:

And here's the first-fruits of the actual stone installed.  (Elle's bathroom)
Soooooooo exciting!


  1. I'm just loving looking at your home! Completely different style than mine (we built a bungalow) but a girl can love amazing details even in different styles. I have quartz and granite in my kitchen. I think you're going to love the quartz!

  2. It's happening! I love seeing the progress you guys are making! Really feel like you will love your home so much!

  3. Hey,
    Beautiful captures..Beautiful Counter-Tops..I am loving all the clicks & styles..
    Thanks for sharing:)

    Indian Marble-Elegant Natural Stones

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