Wednesday, November 13, 2013

how I keep track of things and a flooring decision

I am obviously very organized.
I made my last flooring decisions today (THANK YOU so much for the great input!)

After driving pretty much everyone around me nuts with all my indecisiveness, I decided we are going with Provenza Fossil Stone.  I'm listing my reasons here so that I can come back and read them when I start second-guessing.  HA!

1) The last thing I want with five kids and a neighborhood of their friends traipsing through our house is to be all crazy-worried-freaky about my floors.  I want us to LIVE in that house.  The knots are going to help out a ton on that.  Scratches and dents (which will happen whether I like it or not) are going to be a lot less noticeable.

2)  I looked up approximately 3,497 pictures of contemporary homes with "knotty" wood floors on Houzz that looked amazing.

3)  I don't want this house to be sterile/contemporary.  I just want it to be clean-line, simple.  This floor will add some great character to the home.

4)  I love the color.  Every other floor I looked at was too warm for what I'm going for in this house.

5)  I want our house to be more casual than formal.

6)  I love the feel of this wood.  The "Weathered Ash" and the "Aged Alabaster" were beautiful, but neither felt as "real" to me as the "Fossil Stone."

7)  A very sweet blog reader sent me pictures and personal experience with her own "Fossil Stone" flooring she installed recently.  There's nothing like another "personal" five-star review to help make a big decision.

8)  All our flooring people were starting to look at me like I had a serious screw loose, which I certainly do. :)

So, I'm celebrating getting that big decision under my belt by going to bed and hoping that I won't wake up all night worrying about dumb floors like I have been for the last few weeks:)  Dumbest thing ever.  SOo many more important things to worry about in life!!

Thanks again for the help on that one.

Love, Shawni


  1. Hello Shawni, I TOTALLY know what you mean by house decisions keeping you up at night! And I LOVE when I get yet another decision under my belt! So I have loved the Du Chateau line for months and thought I couldn't afford them! Then I wandered into this awesome flooring store with this awesome sales girl and I know she is hooking me up big time. Just to be sure, I went to the place that had Provenza after reading your post, and sure enough, those were more. So Du Chateau it is for us. Im just wondering if you know the finish on the one in the first picture you have in your flooring post. I think we are going with Lugano, but I really like that picture too. Any info you have would be helpful! Thanks, I love the floors you picked. Also, I would love your take, if any, on the oiled finish instead of aluminum oxide. Are you worried about the protection of them? That has kept me from pulling the trigger I think.

    1. I can't remember what finish that du chateau is, but I think I got the pic right from their website. The only drawback with du chateau is that you have to have them oiled/sealed every year

    2. Sorry that cut me off before I was done. I'd just check into the maintenance to be sure but that may be just what the provenza flooring guys told me so I'd buy their stuff ;). Good luck!

  2. Congrats- that's a big decision made! You'll love it.

  3. I think you totally made the right decision :) now close that chapter, and move onto the next
    whats is next.. I loved looking at all your samples ahah

  4. I love what you've done with the renovation. I'd go with neutral rather than lighter with the granite. It will be more flexible when (if) you ever want a change in decor. stone installation