Friday, November 15, 2013

cabinet installation

We celebrated the day last month when our cabinets started coming in. 

After months of this:

And this (paint color comparison):

And a lot of this:

...we got the real deal delivered into our house:

We have had weeks of hanging out with our installer while he put things together.

So far my favorite cabinets are the lockers in the mud room.

I think it's safe to say that's these girls' favorite part too.
Their eyes turned as big as saucers when they realized they each got their own.

They were pretty excited about Lucy's window seat too.  
So fun to see the best laid plans finally coming together!!


  1. I love the lockers in the mud room.

  2. Why do your lockers have electrical coming out of them? Are you putting lights in? Just curious! Looks great!

  3. Love when cabinets start going in! It makes it feel like planned space instead of an empty warehouse. So fun!

  4. I love seeing it all come together too. Thanks for sharing with us all the steps along the way. Most of us won't ever be designing our own dream houses but it sure is fun to watch you do it. I feel like somehow this house belongs to us all.

  5. oh I love seeing It all come together, I love love that you are doing different coloured cabinets through out.. it will make a HUGE difference!

    ps, DO NOT forget to have your electrician put a plug in right next to your fireplace if you have garland at chrsitmas.. from someone who forgot ;)