Sunday, September 1, 2013


After all that work measuring and trying to figure out transoms to bring in as much light as possible (back HERE), it was awesome to get to watch these come to life:
 Here's the kitchen side:
 ...and the laundry room side:

Framed out:

Oh my word, this one was the worst.  Trying to figure out measurements for that door and window to match and communicate what I wanted with the builder/trim/door people?  Crazy stuff I tell you!

Here are the same windows a little further away:
That room up there is what we're calling the "bedroom foyer."  It will be a reading and art spot so that Lucy can still have all her "stuff" somewhere and the kids can have a spot for all their crafts.  My girls LOVE doing crafts.

We are putting up bookshelves on that far wall that I want to go across the top of the hallway, so I had to figure out how much to bring that ceiling down so that we could still make way for the book shelf but also still be able to see the transom windows over the doors back there down the hallway.

Here's how they look framed out:

From the inside of that bedroom:

Yes, I believe these will really help with that get-as-much-natural-light-in-otherwise-not-so-light corners situation I was worried about.

...which makes Dave happy he won't have a crazy wife for lack of beautiful light.

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  1. I love the idea of transoms. Especially in the kids bedrooms. It will allow them privacy, but still give a feeling of "connectedness" to the family. Oh yeah, and that natural light! Thanks for sharing your journey in this new home. Can't wait to see the finished project.