Thursday, September 19, 2013

in search of the perfect white (easy) and the perfect gray (not-so-easy)

The month of August started like this:

...and ended like this:

...and this:
...and this:
(This bedroom has all different strengths of Dunn Edwards "Foggy Day," my favorite gray for Max and Elle's rooms HERE and HERE).

By the end of the month it was looking like a gray spotted dalmatian over there with all those different great grays to choose from.

And actually, a picture of Dave and I sweating our hearts out would be a perfect compliment to those for August.

Oh man it was hot.  I want to remember that!

And I was dehydrated most of the time (which makes my ears get all plugged up), standing over there with appointment after appointment for plumbing and drywall and trim, etc.

But the paint was the big deal at that point.

I was all set on the white I wanted:

We used it in the house we live in now and I love it.  Just the right amount of warmth to not make things too cool-toned.

But the other colors?  Well, that was a different story.  My "desk" which was actually the dining room table at the time looked like this:

We looked through every color of gray you can possibly imagine.

You have to be so careful to match the cabinets and the floor and the countertops, etc...

My great friend (and cousin in-law) Sam and her husband came to town and we enlisted their help to sweat it out over there in the heat to figure out some colors.

She had the grand idea to paint foam core boards with the colors we were narrowing from so we could move them around the house to different lighting.
Oh man, let's see if I remember which was which...I think the middle one is "Edgecomb Gray" by Benjamin Moore, and the one on the right is "Revere Pewter" by Benjamin Moore.  Everyone was all the rage on Revere Pewter but for whatever reason I didn't like it in our house.

These are her favorites she texted me before she came:

All really great grays.

Below is a "Whisper" white cabinet door (not the style we chose, but I used it for color).  Next to it is "Galveston Gray" which is an awesome gray for cabinets (we did a couple bathrooms with that), and the last one is what we used on our kitchen island ("Silhouette" by Sherwin Williams).

Here's the "Silhouette" one...I love how those cabinets turned out...I'll post a picture soon.

These were really the main color choices when I finally got things narrowed down:

In the end after all that deliberation, the grand winner of the gray paint for the walls was the one I figured I'd go with in the first place: "Shady" by Dunn Edwards:

It went best with everything all around.

...and the biggest factor is that I have seen it in my friend's house that I love:
And that's worth gold I tell you.

When they primed the walls it was amazing to see the difference of the actual Dunn Edwards gray (the little square on the bottom right) and color matches from other brands (whole wall and small square on the left):

I am happy all these trial colors are now gathering dust in the corner of my garage.
Now if we can just get it all painted.

Man a lot of painting goes into a house...all the trim and doors and all that jazz on top of the walls...


  1. Hi Shawni! I love your taste and am currently in a similar phase, we are building a home. I was wondering if you could tell me the color of grays in a couple pictures. The first is the 3rd picture, the middle gray? The other one is the eighth picture with the gray cabinet on the right. Is that the Silhouette by SW? I LOVE it, and have been searching and searching and searching for the perfect gray. I love that cabinet door. Any info you can pass along is greatly appreciated. Oh and also, what are those wood floors????

  2. I was going to ask about the floors too? I'm loving what you chose and we are going floor shopping on Monday!

  3. What did you choose for your drywall finish I am having a hard time. And paint is next! You are very kind to share your experiences!

  4. ok, it's funny you mentoned BM Revere Pewter, becusae my friend told me she had picked it for her new home, I looked at the swatch and was like// umh BORING, then I went to her house, and fell madly in love with it, wow, do you ever need to see paint on the walls!!! she also did her dining room in BM balboa mist, yet another gorgeous grey. you will love it!!! PS I love the grey cabinet colour and the white too.. I can't wait to see it all together :) xoxoxo

  5. heather, I added another picture with those paint colors labeled, but that middle one is Collingwood at 50% strength. They may have mixed it wrong though because it sure didn't look like collingwood! That gray cabinet door isn't the sherwin williams sillhouette, it's a color match my cabinet guy used in another home. Looked to blue in our home. I really love the galveston gray and the sillhouette though...I'll post pictures soon.

  6. The knots would drive me crazy too. The picture that says "and this one...." See the rug and fireplace wall. and the flooring. Beautiful look. Elegant but inviting for its simplicity.

  7. In the picture you have of the three foam core boards with Edgecomb in the middle and Revere on the right what is the color on the left board? Is it Collingwood or Shady?

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