Friday, September 13, 2013

house perfection isn't possible -- door fiasco

When we first started the building process my very wise cousin (part of the "pretty committee") gave me some serious words of wisdom.

She told me no matter how much you study and measure and work you will never get the perfect house.  There will be stuff that goes wrong.  Styles change.  Tastes change.  Contractors don't understand what you're going for.

My other wise "pretty committee" friend Stacy told me that some things will turn out worse than you thought they would.  But other things will turn out oh so much better.  You just have to learn to be happy with the balance.

I have clung on to these words of wisdom through this whole process.

Our doors were one case where I needed to remember that good advice!

After some deliberation, we ordered three-panel doors.  I thought about one-panel ones to stick with the rectangle theme with our windows, but opted for these ones.  I was so excited to get some solid panel doors because I love thick, heavy doors.

So when the doors arrived earlier than we anticipated we were so excited.

...until they hung them and they looked like this:
Something just seemed a little off to me because they were so tall (8 feet) and so skinny!

It was then that we realized solid-panel doors can actually come that way.

I was under the impression that when you said "solid panel" doors they were thick and bulky.

Not so much the case.
I know this seems like such a little deal, even to me looking back, but at that point it was heavy as could be on our minds.

We are trying SOOOO hard to hurry this thing along.  Dave has worked his little heart out on it.  We were frustrated that when we ordered the doors no one said, "well, do you want the skinny ones or the normal ones?"  Shouldn't you let your never-done-this-before clients know what the options are before they spend thousands of dollars on doors??
But the fact is that they didn't.

And we were stuck with lots of skinny doors.

We thought very seriously about switching them out.  They meant that much to us.  We are putting so much into this house, and doors are a big deal.  You touch them and use them every. single. day.  We tried to weigh the pros and cons of re-ordering and just being content.

If the timing would have worked we would have re-ordered in a wink.  No question.

But it would have taken eight more weeks of waiting on trim if we waited which would have held up the entire project for two months.

Plus, the people we bought the doors from couldn't take them back.  So we would have to try to re-sell them.  I told Dave in tears on the phone that I didn't think my sanity was worth it.

He agreed and figured his couldn't either.

So we have skinny doors.

Which in retrospect is not, contrary to what we thought at the time, the end of the world.

Sure, some of them have already warped, which is really too bad and will be a hassle to get fixed, but it'll all work out and we may end up being glad when a kid gets their finger slammed in there :)


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  2. It looks like the hinges are too big! We have skinny doors but hinges are smaller so the gap between door and trim is much smaller! Good luck with all the house building, it can be fun but also very stressful!

  3. Do you have the right hardware for the door? Is a strong enough wood in the doorframe to support the door?

  4. Shawni! I love your blog and I'm especially glad that you are now blogging about your home remodel. We are 4+ months into remodeling (from the ground up) 75% of our home and we are living in the chaos! I completely understand how you feel about your doors -- there are so many small decisions and when you are spending lots of money and making a nest for your family, you want it to be the way you envision it in your own head. It all looks so gorgeous and so perfect for your adorable crew. My mantras are "enjoy the process" and "eye on the prize." Best of luck to you!