Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Oh my word, cabinets are killing me.

I swear I have been over drawings like this over and over and over and over and over.

I have lost more hours of sleep than I'd care to count working late into the night measuring and re-measuring everything we wanted to fit in and where we wanted it, and pouring over magazines and to try to figure out the perfect configurations.

My friend, the best organizer on the planet, worked with me for a few days trying to figure out how we wanted to lay out our kitchen.  She even drew me up a map of how to lay it out (this is my copy I switched a few things on).

This is kind of the layout we're going for with a waterfall counter on that outside island.

Trying to figure out cabinet colors:
 We're going really neutral...all grays and whites.

Seems easy, right?  

But let me tell you it is NOT.  Grays can look pink, green, purple, orange, you name it.

Luckily my cabinet guy was nice enough to make me some good samples so I could pick colors easier.
Here's Dave sending me a pic. of the latest ones when I was out of town.

I don't think there is anyone in the history of my personal technology I have texted more than my cabinet guy.  I send him things like this and he sends me over revisions.
Over and over and over again til I get it right.

Yesterday I finally went over to the shop to check out how things are looking.
So far, so good, but I am sooo nervous for them to be actually installed.  Boy I sure hope I made the right decisions!


  1. This kitchen is amazing and I cannot wait to follow you on this fun journey. Thank you so much for opening up your home building process to your loyal readers!

  2. I have a small bit of (unsolicited) advice having just re-done our house. I LOVE white kitchens and so I got white cabinets but with little kids (I have six from age 3-13) I would recommend having darker (like one of your grays) cabinets for the lower cabinets and white above. If you don't mind more than one color. Just a thought. And maybe you're smarter than me and already figured that out :-)