Thursday, June 27, 2013

the "pretty committee"

Dave and I have pieced together this house from bits and pieces of all kinds of things we have seen over the years.  We have taken a lot from ideas from "" (don't know what we would do without that thing!) and have loved incorporating some ideas from friends' houses who have thought things through so thoroughly through the years.

But it can get daunting to try to piece together all those ideas all on your own if you don't have design background...

...and if you are someone like me who second guesses everything she decides and knows what she doesn't like but not always what she does.

I know in some ways it would have been great to hire a decorator from the beginning.  I realize that would have been worth it's weight in gold to hire someone who could just be with me full-time and give me three options in everything and whisk me through the whole process safe and sound, IF I found someone with my same taste.  But that is much harder than you'd think.  There were a couple people I thought about, but neither of them really had my same sense of style nor did I think they had the capacity to really understand it.  I'm so picky and have so many ideas about things I just couldn't do it.

So I thank my luck stars on a daily basis for what Dave calls my "pretty committee" (named tongue-in-cheek after a group of girls at Max's school...for reals).
They are all deliberate moms who are so busy and this is not their main profession so I have had to take whatever advice I could get when I could get it, but oh how grateful I am for each of them and how they have so often dropped things to help their sorry friend.

Heather, Dave's cousin (on right above) who lives in Utah, helped me SO much in the initial layout phases.  She knows how to think through everything technical and is a magician at it.

Denise, who has helped me so much to do all the spruce-up stuff we have done in this house we live in now (see links HERE), has talked me through so many ideas and is so great to bounce ideas off of.  She has her own cool new blog HERE.

Sam, Dave's cousin's wife who we adore, has helped me soooooo much as well.  She has an amazing eye for decor and has talked me through so many decision.  She and her husband came to the desert a while back and totally helped with some major decisions.
And she has taken so much time to talk me through things on the phone.  Love her.

Stacy (on the left in the top picture), a new friend I met last year because someone told me I needed to go see her gorgeous new house, has helped me more than I can say.  I will call her almost in tears (ok, a couple times actually in tears) trying to figure out can lighting or how to finish off a ceiling and she always has the best, most thought-through advice.  She's been through this crazy process recently and understands the craziness it involves and she has amazing taste.  Oh boy I don't know what I would do without her!

I'm pretty sure I would be shriveled up in a corner rocking myself without these women.  Sooooo grateful for all that each one has helped with and that they are still willing to stick with me through the process.

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