Wednesday, April 10, 2013

side addition progression

I haven't been able to squeeze out enough time in the midst of all this craziness to keep a log of how things are progressing.   And I want to remember this so I'll never, ever do it again!!!

(I kid...kind of...but not really...)

It's kind of fun to record it like this because it makes me feel like something's actually been accomplished.

This is how the progression has been going on the game-room side of our house week by week.

(I'm so mad we didn't' go put hand prints in that fresh cement.  Note to self: gotta do cheesy things like that!!)

After the cement was layed it was time for the walls to go up.

I loved watching the crane hoist the already-put-together shells up against that blue, blue desert sky.

Then they added the particle board on the outside.

These windows were kind of a big deal cause at first we put them too close together.  After a little deliberation Dave had them moved further apart so that can be a space for a projector screen some day.

This is my little cubby of an office taking shape.

...and here it is with the "guts" and AC vents added.

Lots more trash hauled away.

Dave is totally in charge of this little porch off of our bedroom.

Getting ready for finish exterior stucco with this white stuff.

This is what I wade through every day over there as I talk to's the old installation.

There we go.

It's coming....slowly but surely!

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