Sunday, April 7, 2013


Beware, these pictures are kind of hard to look at if you don't like destruction.

They were hard to watch for me!
But gradually they took things apart, brick by brick to change a wall here and there.

We are moving the driveway to be a side-entry one, and will add more front yard so they had to take out the much-thicker-than-they-thought-it-would-be driveway.
...and the kitchen cabinets we are changing to all white.
My sister-in-law and brother came to take some stuff we weren't going to need to spruce up their own homes.

It just seemed like weeks and weeks and weeks of tearing up someone else's memories.

I was sick to my stomach every time I went over there.

We had no idea where all the lode-bearing walls would be and how difficult it is to change trusses in some areas.

We've had to re-engineer so many things we never planned on.

Dave has become SOOO good at working with the framers and figuring out tough decisions (of which there are hundreds each week).

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