Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March progress

This month we spent hours and hours right here trying to figure out how to lay out the kitchen.

We are doing two kitchen islands and boy howdy my brain is frazzled trying to figure out how big to make them and where we want the sinks to go. 
(Those red lines are for the plumbers to know where to cut into the cement for new pipes.)

New footings for the side addition:

They only cut a few post-tension things (ha).

More trenches for plumbing outside:

I think we're on our sixth huge trashcan fill...

We decided to extend the family room a little longer so that I can get more light in this house (since there was a porch there anyway that was going to block my light.
 (I'm excited about those eaves up there.)

Back to my "light" issue, I wish we could just leave the roof off!  I LOVE all this light that comes in, makes things look so beautiful!

Our poor back yard...