Thursday, February 28, 2013

should have listened--February progress

As we continue on with the demolition we have come to the firm realization that we are completely crazy.

What in the world were we thinking?

When we first embarked on this house remodel people we asked anyone we could for advice.

"Maybe you should just demo the whole thing and start fresh." was one of the comments we got most often when people looked at our plans.  We laughed at that suggestion because who in the world would do that?

But as we have dug deeper and deeper into this thing we have realized it would have been more cost effective to do just as they suggested.

When you start on a fresh build things are clean and you know what you've got.

When you completely remodel an existing home you have no idea what you're getting into.

One example:

There are so many walls we have needed to move that turned out to be load-bearing.  This means that you have to go get an engineer to re-draw them up and get the framers to re-do the work.

And it pushes the project back, and back again.

Plus no one told us it costs so much more to gently take things apart than it does to just bulldoze.

But this is a good house!  We love it and we're rolling with all the things we should have listened to and learning a lot more than we bargained for.

At least we have a few people who can benefit from the stuff we are changing.  My sis-in-law is using all our door handles and hinges, plus a few sinks.
My brother is using a bunch of the cabinets to re-do his kitchen.

(They are both so good at fixing things up...)

More pictures of some of what they are doing to get ready to build what we want:

Dave and I pour over plans every day.
Although we do have a builder, Dave is pretty active in the process and he kinda likes it.

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