Friday, December 13, 2013

October progress according to my iPhone

October was the month for cabinet installation.
...and paint problems.

Oh, and let's not forget tile choices that boggled my mind.
And a whole slew of trouble-shooting and decision making.

But we made progress and some day we will live in that thing!

If I try putting all these in order I will never have time to actually build the house, so bear with me here.

A tiny little peek into the little things that happen around here:

The cabinet guy tried to help me with future sweeping by angling the toe kicks.
But that's just not the look I wanted.  

I've got to get over feeling bad making people re-do things.
He was SO nice about it all!!

When they taped off all the door trim to paint it pulled off a ton of the paint.
So the poor paint people were busy working their tails off trying to fix all that.

They also got all the baseboard painted we will be adding after the wood flooring goes in.
...which later got all ruined in oru little flood we had during a rain storm, but that's a post for another day.

The zinc went on (more on that in the last post).

More paint issues but oh boy I love those transoms.

Lots of cabinets.

Trying to pick a stone color.
(We didn't pick that one, but it was one of the options.)

Lots of lists like this scattered all over the place.

Trying to figure out bathroom finishes:

...Which meant I had these things sliding around in the back of my car every time I made a turn ALL MONTH.  Samples from what seems like all over the whole planet.
So many things to try to match...

The roofers came and finished tiling the roof:

We just wanted to utilize what was there from the original house so we are having it painted.

I know, kinda weird, but it works.

After the ceiling serious non-level problems were fixed, they finally started the trim for the family room fireplace wall:
This will eventually be white.

More changed toe kicks.

This bathroom went from having one cabinet waaaayyyy too big:
To this:

To this:
Poor installer changed the location of that main cabinet like three times because we have to have a certain amount of room there for the lockers we are getting to go on the right.

More messed-up paint:

Final countertop choices:
(More on that back HERE.)

More tile choices...

Getting ready for waterfall countertop install (here):

LOTS of work trying to figure out how in the world to accomplish this type of look with our fireplace.

All kinds of measuring and deliberating about that thing:

And finally...we got it all installed last week.  I LOVE it!  I will post pictures as soon as I can.

Getting ready for a bookshelf...

Agonizing over flooring decisions:
Much more about that back HERE.

They also had to come grind the cement down to get ready for the wood install.

Honestly, I don't know that there could be a more crooked floor, dealing with new cement and old cement and load-bearing walls totally changed.

I already posted about the mudroom lockers, but it was so fun to watch them go in!:

Sink deliveries:

Countertop templating:
These guys are the BEST!

The little window seat went in in Lucy's room.

Here's our lone appliance left over from the original house.
It's not faring too well under all this construction!

Zinc was unveiled:

Loving the light coming from these transom windows.

This is the bench in the jack and jill bath.  oh I picture lots of teenage girls sitting there getting ready and doing each other's hair.
That's what we do around here :)

Primer on the girls' walls:
...and in Lucy's room too...

Porch progress:

We FINALLY started on the finishing work.  

After much deliberation and negotiating and mind-boggling-choices with samples coming out of our ears.

And THEN after much begging to PLEASE get crews out there and going, it all began.

These guys came to get the crews set up:

It is a work in progress I tell you!  This was near the beginning of October and it's now (as I write) the middle of December and they are getting close to done.  

But it's so exciting to see it get going!

The master shower went from this:
To this:

To this:

All ready for tile install.

More progress on fireplace wall:

14,598 pictures like this:

Trying to get going on the landscaping:
Lots to think about there.

What a month I tell you!