Saturday, June 21, 2014

April progress

Wow I'm getting behind here.  I'm going to try to get back on track.

April was the best month yet in the progress of this home of ours.

It's the month we took the plunge and moved in, ready or not.

This is how it looked when we moved in:

Living room:
Back side:
Remember how much trouble we had with those beams?  (back HERE).  How we love them now.  So weird how things change.

Laundry room:
 (Those pulls are all from IKEA.)

Family room:

Master bathroom:
 Remember all the trouble that wall caused back HERE?

One of my very favorite parts of this house are the closets.  Here's Max's: 
We did drawers in every closet so we don't have any dressers.  Keeps down on the clutter so well I adore it.

Max's (future guest) bath:
 Let's just take a closer look at that hardware I agonized over.
Love how it turned out.

Elle's bedroom:
(all about her wall back HERE)

Elle's bathroom:
My cabinet guy made me that wood frame from walnut.  Love it so much.

Grace and Claire's room:

A few lighting issues in the bathrooms:
 (more on those later)

Game room with a section of the sectional missing:

That was how it looked.

Then we started to move in.

The kids thought the washers and dryers were from a different planet they were so in awe of having two of them.
(One of the best things we did...LOVE having two.  All but Lucy do their own laundry so it helps a ton.)

We put switches with lights over our beds for reading at night.  Love that.

Move-in stuff:

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out window coverings.

As I write this it's almost three months later and we still have no window coverings aside from the paper temporary ones in the bathrooms.

Makes for some good early mornings :)

I worked on hardware like nobody's business...especially since we really needed to open drawers!

I will try to do a whole post about what we picked at some point because I'd like to remember myself!

We put our new grill to a LOT of good use.  
 Love that thing.

It was fun to put the kitchen to good use for our first Easter basket hunt here:

...and we have loved utilizing the great light from all the windows.

 It has been interesting to live in a home with continual contractors as guests.

All. the. time.

And as much as we adore this new home of ours, it's sure had some hic-ups along the way.

More on that later.  For now I'll just say we are so incredibly grateful for this home of ours.

one step forward, two steps back

We take some steps forward and then lots back in a lot of areas.

Our master bathroom tile for one.  The grout is so varying in different areas.
We have tried everything to get it all the same color. no avail.  We may have to get it stained.

And our poor wood floor...

I LOVE it, but we can't seem to get the film off of it from all the construction dust.
 See all those smudgy marks?

We had a guy come in and professionally oil it (it's an oil-finish floor), and it looked awesome for a couple days.
But then it went back to smudgy.

Still working on that, sure hoping Provenza floors will kick in and give us some better customer service.  So far not so good.  

Thursday, May 22, 2014

March madness {or some would call it progress}

During March we got serious about trying to move in.  

We spent Spring Break working our tails off to get things cleared out and done. 
 I thought it was the best Spring Break to date.

Our kids may or may or may not have agreed with that thought.

We finally got garage doors!

That deserves a giant amount of hoopla because boy howdy, that was a huge ordeal.

We are trying to match the wood we're putting above the front door and we can't seem to figure that part out.

 They started building the courtyard wall.

And we finally painted the roof:

Looks so much better in my opinion!

I spent the dumbest, longest hours trying to figure out cabinet hardware.
They are "Hopewell Bar Pulls" from Top Knobs.  Still waiting on the knobs for those top drawers (I wanted something different there).

My phone was filled up with all kinds of options for bathrooms too:

We had a few lighting malfunctions that needed to be tweaked.

Our living room couch got delivered from Thrive Furnishings.
 I LOVE that place.

They are having a Memorial Day sale right now BTW...go check it our HERE.

We got a portion of our sectional for the game room too:
 It's from Z Gallerie.

They re-did our shower floor for the third time:

 We struggled trying to figure out how to take care of the construction dust on our new floor.
 ...which is STILL a problem.  Hoping Provenza Flooring will help take care of that.

I ran into the outdoor lights I had been debating on after I decided on other ones.  I do love these ones though:
 (They are from Hinkley Lighting)

We mulled over pavers for the front and back patios for forever and a day.

We really want these ones:
They are from "Stepstone."  Aren't they cool?  I love them, but they are too darn expensive.

So my phone camera is filled up with pictures like these to try to figure out a more cost effective option.
 In the process we tried to cut down the existing pavement on the back porch to make the four-inch deep pavers work:
Alas, that didn't work.

We figured something else out though, which will be installed next week.

Crossing our fingers it turns out how we're envisioning.